Thanks to our qualified and experienced vendors, in the past years, Di Pisa srl has gained a good part of the East european foreign market.



Our main advantages.

Di Pisa family creates with its customers and suppliers strong and loyal partnerships, providing :

  • Produce made in Italy, from its best farms
  • An excellent quality/price ratio
  • Constant support
  • competitive prices

We listen, understand and answer in the best way to our clients’ requests, giving an ad hoc service.



Our hallmark.

Di Pisa srl is specialized in mixed shipments. Through this particular service, we can meet the requests of our clients, giving them the best solution.
We currently organize, indifferently, single-product and mixed shipments.




Di Pisa srl is mainly specialized in the wholesale distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables in Italy and abroad.

Inside the fruit and vegetables wholesale market of Bologna (CAAB), one of the main distribution platforms in Italy, the company shows its produce of:

  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables
  • Conventional produce
  • Organic produce
  • Imported fruit and vegetables (in particular from Holland and Spain)



Three main keywords for the company.

Di Pisa srl carries out regular tests on produce, checking all phases of the working process (from production to logistics) and relying only on the best certified suppliers, in order to respect and grant seasonality, freshness and quality.

Service to the catering world

Service to the catering world

In the past years, Di Pisa srl has created a business area completely focused on the food service world. The company has developed an efficient supplying service to the commercial and collective catering.


Di Pisa srl offers and guarantees its customers :

  • Timely service
  • Constantly controlled quality fruit and vegetables
  • Wide range of produce (from early produce to exotic fruits)
  • pre and post sale service
  • Flexibility
  • Competitive prices

Military bases and ships

Military bases and ships

As from August 2013 Di Pisa Srl works as a supplier of military bases in South-East Europe and Military ships, which dock in the Mediterranean Sea.

For this reason Di Pisa Srl is, nowadays, in a position to grant an effective and costantly monitored supply service all over the mediterranean basin, matching and even overcoming the USDA#1 standards.